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FA charges Man City over referee controversy 

The Football Association has accused Manchester City of failing to control their players in Sunday's 3-3 Premier League tie with Tottenham.

The Football Association has accused Manchester City of failing to control their players in Sunday’s 3-3 Premier League tie with Tottenham.

In a late stoppage-time decision, referee Simon Hooper’s free-kick call for Manchester City sparked a heated response from players, prompting an FA charge against the defending champions. 

The incident involved Jack Grealish’s apparent goal-scoring opportunity being halted after initially indicating an advantage for City.

FA Charge and Deadline for Response

City faces an FA charge for their players’ improper conduct surrounding the disputed free-kick. They have until December 7 to provide their response to the charge, as stated by the Football Association.

FA Statement and City’s Alleged Failure

The FA statement outlined City’s failure to ensure appropriate behavior from their players in the heat of the moment, particularly around the controversial free-kick incident.

Haaland’s Involvement and FA’s Decision

Erling Haaland was among the City players involved in protesting against the referee’s decision. His post-match response on social media, labeled as offensive slang, led to scrutiny. 

However, the FA clarified that Haaland won’t face individual punishment despite his online reaction.

City’s Recent Form and League Standings

This controversy arrives amidst City’s third consecutive Premier League draw, following stalemates against Liverpool and Chelsea. Despite their strong performance, City finds themselves in the third position in the Premier League, trailing leaders Arsenal by a three-point gap.

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