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Celebrities Embrace Pantless Trend at New York Fashion Week

Celebrities Embrace Pantless Trend at New York Fashion Week

We’re only midway through New York Fashion Week, but the events have been filled with celebrities. Last night, for instance, Justin Theroux, Sarah Hyland, and Laura Harrier gathered at the trendy downtown restaurant Jean’s to celebrate the denim brand Frame. 

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen also stopped by the soirée; of course, she brought a stylish statement look. The model embraced the pantless trend that’s been taking over celebrity street style as of late.

What is the Pantless Trend?

The pantless trend is exactly what it sounds like. Stars are embracing looks focused entirely on the leg—Emma Corrin wearing her Miu Miu briefs and tights or Kendall Jenner and her boxy blazer and oversized button-up. 

For her take on pants-free attire, Bündchen slipped into Frame’s XXL denim jacket, which was worn like a dress. She paired it with cool clog platforms for a city-ready finish.

Breaking Down the Trend:

Forgoing trousers may seem like a bold concept—we get it. But if you think about it, the trend is no less crazy than wearing a dress. Bündchen’s jacket hemline is pretty much the same as a mini’s. It’s just a whole lot cooler.

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