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Sharjah Animation Conference Returns for Second Edition with Global Animation Giants

Sharjah Animation Conference Returns for Second Edition with Global Animation Giants

The Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) is bringing back the highly anticipated Sharjah Animation Conference (SAC) for its second edition. SAC, a unique event blending the worlds of animation and publishing, is scheduled to take place from May 1 to 5 at the Expo Centre Sharjah. This conference serves as a platform for industry leaders, artists, and creators to converge and explore the latest trends and innovations in animation.

Key Highlights of SAC:

  • Impressive Line-up: SAC boasts an exceptional line-up of experts from industry giants such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Sony. Attendees can expect insights from renowned professionals and Oscar laureates, making SAC a must-attend event for animation enthusiasts.
  • Diverse Program: The conference offers a diverse program comprising workshops, dynamic discussions, film screenings, and curated exhibitions. With 32 international speakers, 11 workshops, and 18 panel discussions, SAC promises a comprehensive exploration of the animation landscape.
  • Focus on Collaboration: SAC aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange within the animation community. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry insiders, share ideas, and gain valuable insights into the evolving animation industry.
  • Professional Development: In addition to showcasing the latest industry trends, SAC is committed to providing opportunities for professional development. A four-day intensive masterclass, conducted in collaboration with experts from Aardman Animations, will offer participants valuable training and skills enhancement.
  • Cultural Celebration: SAC celebrates cultural diversity and the rich tapestry of human experience through animation. The conference aims to highlight emerging talent in animation and promote cultural exchange and understanding through the medium of storytelling.

Excitement Surrounding SAC:

Khawla Al Mujaini, Executive Director of SAC, emphasized the vital role of the publishing sector in nurturing creative industries. She highlighted the importance of SAC in providing a platform for industry growth and fostering interest in animation.

Pietro Pinetti, Artistic Director of SAC, expressed enthusiasm for the diverse program offerings and the opportunity to showcase animation styles and technologies from around the world. He underscored SAC’s commitment to supporting emerging talent and providing avenues for professional development.

Preparations and Expectations:

Preparations for SAC are well underway, with organizers gearing up for a week of creativity and inspiration. The conference will kick off with a concert by the renowned Florence Pop Orchestra, setting the stage for an immersive experience in the world of animation.

With the participation of industry leaders, artists, and animation enthusiasts from around the world, SAC is expected to draw wide interest and engagement. Attendees can look forward to an enriching and dynamic event that celebrates the artistry and innovation of animation.


As SAC prepares to return for its second edition, anticipation is running high for a week of exploration, collaboration, and celebration of animation. With a focus on industry trends, professional development, and cultural exchange, SAC promises to be a highlight on the global animation calendar. Stay tuned for updates and highlights from this exciting event.

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