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UAE Introduces Paperless Payment System for School Tuition Fees

UAE Introduces Paperless Payment System for School Tuition Fees

Say goodbye to cheques and hello to digital convenience!

In a bid to streamline school fee payments and alleviate financial strain on families, a pioneering school fee payment app has been launched in the UAE. Developed by Direct Debit System in collaboration with fintech start-up Zenda, this innovative solution offers flexible payment options, empowering parents to manage expenses efficiently.

Introducing the Pay-Now and Pay-Later Options

The partnership between Direct Debit System and Zenda brings forth a seamless integration, allowing parents to settle school bills with the convenience of pay-now and pay-later options. This user-friendly payment app extends beyond tuition fees, enabling families to explore additional services such as transportation and meals, thereby expanding payment flexibility.

Backed by the UAE Central Bank

Endorsed by the UAE Central Bank and leveraging UAEPASS, the system ensures a secure and paperless transaction process. With the elimination of traditional cheque payments, the initiative aims to usher in a new era of digital convenience and financial prudence.

A Milestone in Digital Transformation

Founder and CEO of Direct Debit System, Ummair Butt, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing its significance in modernizing payment practices. By transitioning from bulk cheque payments to a monthly digital payment system, the initiative empowers UAE residents to better manage their finances, steering clear of debt and safeguarding their credit scores.

Empowering Education Institutions

Raman Thiagarajan, Co-Founder of Zenda, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the transformative impact of digital recurring payments in education institutions. By offering flexibility to parents and enhancing collection efficiency, the collaboration aims to ease monetary pressures and promote financial stability within the education sector.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Parents like Ahsan Rathor and Arvind Rao have lauded the convenience and flexibility offered by the new payment system. From dividing school term fees into manageable instalments to aligning payments with monthly budgets, the app has emerged as a game-changer in simplifying school fee transactions.

Embrace the Digital Revolution

With the introduction of this paperless payment system, the UAE education sector takes a significant step towards embracing automation and digitization. As more families opt for digital solutions, the landscape of school fee payments is set to undergo a transformative shift, ushering in an era of convenience and financial empowerment.

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