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Dubai’s Educational Institutions to Observe Eid Break from April 8 to April 14

Dubai's Educational Institutions to Observe Eid Break from April 8 to April 14

A Unified Holiday Schedule for Schools, Universities, and Nurseries

Dubai, April 2, 2024 – The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced an Eid holiday schedule for all private educational institutions in Dubai, encompassing schools, universities, and nurseries. The specified break will begin on Monday, April 8, and conclude on Sunday, April 14, with regular academic and administrative activities set to resume on Monday, April 15.

This unified holiday schedule aims to streamline the observance of the Eid break across Dubai’s diverse educational landscape, ensuring consistency and allowing families to plan accordingly. The notification, disseminated via the social media platform X, underscores KHDA’s commitment to maintaining clear communication with educational institutions and the community at large.

Impact on the Educational Community

The scheduled Eid break represents a significant period for students, educators, and administrative staff, providing an opportunity for rest and reflection. By aligning the holiday schedule across private schools, universities, and nurseries, KHDA facilitates a coordinated approach to academic calendars, minimizing disruptions and maximizing the time available for curriculum delivery and learning outcomes.

Planning and Preparations

Institutions are advised to ensure that all stakeholders, including students, parents, and staff, are fully informed of the Eid holiday schedule to make necessary arrangements. This advance notice also allows educational entities to plan for the smooth transition into and out of the holiday period, ensuring that academic programs continue to run efficiently throughout the academic year.

Looking Ahead

As Dubai’s educational sector prepares for the upcoming Eid break, the emphasis is on fostering a sense of community and belonging among students and staff, reflecting the spirit of the occasion. KHDA’s proactive approach in notifying institutions well in advance of the break underlines its role in supporting the educational ecosystem’s adaptability and resilience.

Following the Eid break, the educational community in Dubai is expected to return refreshed and ready to continue the academic journey, with the support and guidance of KHDA ensuring a conducive learning environment for all.

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