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Kuwait Hospital Sharjah Offers Free Surgeries on Zayed Humanitarian Day

Kuwait Hospital Sharjah Offers Free Surgeries on Zayed Humanitarian Day

In honor of Zayed Humanitarian Day, Kuwait Hospital in Sharjah extended a helping hand to low-income individuals by providing free surgical procedures. The initiative, organized by the hospital’s surgical and orthopedic departments in collaboration with Emirates Health Services (EHS), aimed to commemorate the enduring legacy of the UAE’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The hospital’s efforts underscored its commitment to embodying the spirit of philanthropy and serving those in need within the community. This aligns with the core values instilled by Sheikh Zayed, emphasizing compassion and solidarity.

Among the surgeries performed as part of this initiative was a colon tumor removal surgery for a 70-year-old patient of Asian descent. Additionally, a 25-year-old Asian patient who had suffered an open fracture in his left leg following an accident received surgical treatment to stabilize the fracture using a metal brace. These procedures not only addressed critical medical needs but also provided much-needed relief to individuals facing financial constraints.

Afra Salem, the director of Kuwait Hospital Sharjah, emphasized the hospital’s unwavering commitment to Sheikh Zayed’s legacy of benevolence and humanitarianism. Salem highlighted the significance of Zayed Humanitarian Day as an opportunity to reaffirm the hospital’s dedication to serving the community and upholding essential humanitarian values.

In addition to offering free surgeries, the hospital management conducted a compassionate outreach initiative, visiting patients across various internal departments. This gesture aimed to ensure the well-being of patients while also spreading joy through the distribution of gifts. Such acts of kindness reflect the enduring legacy of Sheikh Zayed and serve as a testament to the hospital’s ongoing efforts to foster a culture of compassion and solidarity.

Zayed Humanitarian Day holds significant importance in the UAE, serving as a reminder of the nation’s commitment to humanitarianism and community service. By extending support to low-income individuals through free surgical procedures, Kuwait Hospital Sharjah exemplified the spirit of giving and underscored the importance of collective efforts in promoting social welfare and inclusivity.

The initiative not only provided essential medical care to those in need but also exemplified the values of empathy and compassion that are deeply ingrained in the fabric of Emirati society. As the UAE continues to honor the legacy of Sheikh Zayed, initiatives like these serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity, fostering a stronger and more compassionate community.

In conclusion, Kuwait Hospital Sharjah’s initiative to offer free surgeries on Zayed Humanitarian Day exemplifies the UAE’s commitment to humanitarian values and underscores the importance of extending support to vulnerable communities. Through acts of kindness and generosity, the hospital continues to uphold Sheikh Zayed’s legacy and make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals in need.

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