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Menopause Care in the UAE: Experts Highlight Significant Improvements

Menopause Care in the UAE: Experts Highlight Significant Improvements

Menopause care in the UAE is witnessing a remarkable transformation, with local experts emphasizing significant progress in awareness and accessibility of healthcare services tailored to menopausal women. Sophie Smith, the founder and chief executive of Nabta Health, a women’s healthcare clinic in Dubai, commended the UAE for its pioneering efforts in making menopause care more accessible to women from diverse backgrounds.

In recent years, the UAE has witnessed notable advancements in menopause care, exemplified by the establishment of dedicated menopause clinics across the Emirates. Abu Dhabi took a significant step forward by inaugurating its first menopause clinic at Al Zafaranah Diagnostic Screening Centre in 2022. Subsequently, several other healthcare providers have launched similar initiatives, including the recent launch of Laha Wellness Hub by M42, a tech-focused healthcare company in the capital.

The initiative to destigmatize menopause is gaining momentum in both government and private sectors, reflecting a growing awareness of the importance of open conversations about menopause. Sophie Smith emphasized the critical role of such dialogues in preventing women from silently struggling with menopausal symptoms.

Dr. Aagje Bais, a consultant gynecologist at Mediclinic Arabian Ranches, highlighted the substantial improvements in treatment options for menopause over the past few years. Particularly, advancements in hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) have been significant, offering women more effective management of menopausal symptoms. However, Dr. Bais stressed the need for continued education among both patients and healthcare professionals regarding the benefits of HRT, dispelling misconceptions and outdated beliefs.

In addition to medical interventions like HRT, lifestyle modifications play a crucial role in managing menopausal symptoms. Lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, smoking cessation, and moderating alcohol consumption can complement medical treatments effectively. Moreover, psychological support through counseling or support networks like Hotflash Inc and the Middle East Menopause Organization can provide valuable assistance to women navigating through menopause.

Cassie Destino, a founder of IVF Support UAE, highlighted the importance of professional confidantes, known as menopause doulas, who offer empathetic support and guidance to women during this phase of life. Destino’s initiative aims to provide a safe space for women to discuss their experiences openly, fostering a sense of understanding and empowerment.

As menopause remains a natural phase of life for women, raising awareness, providing accessible healthcare services, and fostering supportive communities are essential steps towards ensuring the well-being and empowerment of menopausal women in the UAE.


The UAE’s proactive approach towards menopause care underscores its commitment to promoting women’s health and well-being. With a growing emphasis on awareness, accessibility, and holistic support, the UAE is setting a positive example in addressing the unique healthcare needs of menopausal women.

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