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UAE Students Balancing Ramadan Fasting with Exam Preparation Share Strategies for Success

UAE Students Balancing Ramadan Fasting with Exam Preparation Share Strategies for Success

As thousands of UAE students from Indian curriculum schools gear up for their Central Board of Secondary Education Grade 12 examinations during the holy month of Ramadan, they face unique challenges in balancing their religious observance with academic commitments.

Ramadan, a time of fasting and spiritual reflection for Muslims worldwide, coincides with a critical period for these students as they sit for their board exams, which will determine their admission to universities.

Despite feeling exhausted and dehydrated at times, many students are determined to uphold their fasting rituals while striving for academic success. Farzad Shaikh, a 17-year-old student at Delhi Private School Dubai, shared his daily routine, which involves waking up at 4:30 am for suhoor (pre-dawn meal) before heading to the examination center. Despite facing distractions from hunger pangs, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a study strategy and ensuring adequate rest to stay focused during exams.

Similarly, Iman Asif Parbhulkar, also a student at Delhi Private School, prioritizes fasting during Ramadan while acknowledging the fatigue it may cause. However, she underscores the significance of staying hydrated during non-fasting hours and developing a well-organized study plan to manage her academic workload effectively.

Suha Kaddura, head girl at Yasmina British Academy in Abu Dhabi, highlights the challenge of balancing academic and religious responsibilities during Ramadan. With the support of her teachers and a disciplined routine, she strives to excel in both domains.

Recognizing the unique needs of students during Ramadan, schools are implementing measures to support their well-being and academic performance. Jennie Kellett, head of secondary at Yasmina British Academy, emphasizes the importance of providing students with quiet spaces to rest and online exam support sessions tailored to their fasting schedules. Additionally, Lini Shivaprasad, principal of Gems Millennium School Sharjah, ensures that students have streamlined transportation arrangements to examination centers, minimizing unnecessary fatigue.

Furthermore, students are advised to prioritize nutrition and hydration during suhoor to sustain energy levels throughout the day. Fatma Alshehi and Rhoda Ramadan, students at the American Academy for Girls in Dubai, emphasize the importance of consuming fruits and water-rich foods to combat dehydration and headaches during fasting hours.

Teachers also play a crucial role in supporting students during this challenging period. They offer additional assistance and online sessions to address any academic concerns and help alleviate pre-exam nerves.

Despite the obstacles posed by fasting, UAE students remain resilient in their pursuit of academic success while honoring their religious traditions. Their dedication, supported by school initiatives and teacher guidance, exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and determination within the educational community during Ramadan.

In conclusion, as UAE students navigate the intersection of Ramadan fasting and exam preparation, they share valuable insights into managing their physical and academic well-being. Through a combination of strategic planning, nutritional awareness, and institutional support, they aim to achieve their educational goals while observing the spiritual significance of Ramadan.

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