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UAE and Egypt Deliver 87 Tonnes of Aid to Gaza

UAE and Egypt Deliver 87 Tonnes of Aid to Gaza

A Symbol of Solidarity: Over 2,000 Tonnes of Supplies Air-Dropped to Gaza

The United Arab Emirates and Egypt have continued their substantial humanitarian efforts in Gaza, delivering an additional 87 tonnes of essential aid to the war-torn region. This latest delivery, part of a broader campaign that has seen over 2,000 tonnes of aid dispatched, underscores the ongoing partnership between the two nations in supporting Palestinian civilians amidst the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

Joint Air-Drop Operations Enhance Aid Delivery

Utilizing their air forces, the UAE and Egypt managed to air-drop food supplies, as well as Eid packages that included clothing, toys, and sweets, directly into northern Gaza. The operation took place over five flights, targeting areas that are otherwise challenging to reach due to the conflict. This marked the 32nd air relief mission under the ongoing initiative, demonstrating a sustained commitment to humanitarian support.

Background of the Humanitarian Efforts

The aid campaign is part of “Gallant Knight 3,” an initiative launched by UAE President Sheikh Mohamed in November 2023. The campaign aims to provide critical support to the Palestinian civilians affected by the hostilities. Since its inception in late February, a total of 2,025 tonnes of food and relief supplies have been successfully delivered to Gaza.

Ongoing Support and International Efforts

In addition to the air-dropped aid, the UAE has been actively involved in providing shelter and medical care to Palestinians. Over 1,200 individuals are currently housed in Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi, receiving necessary medical treatment. Earlier in the week, Sheikh Mohamed allocated $15 million to support maritime aid efforts into Gaza through the Amalthea fund, facilitated by Cyprus to ensure the smooth delivery of aid.

Humanitarian Impact and War Toll

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza remains severe, with the Health Ministry of the enclave reporting a total of 33,634 deaths and 76,214 injuries since the conflict began on October 7. The war initiated following attacks by Hamas-led militants in southern Israel, which resulted in approximately 1,200 casualties. The ongoing aid missions are a critical part of the international effort to alleviate the suffering of Gaza’s civilians and provide them with essential supplies amidst the devastating impact of the conflict.


The continued aid deliveries by the UAE and Egypt represent a vital lifeline for the people of Gaza during these tumultuous times. As the conflict persists, the commitment of these nations to humanitarian assistance plays a crucial role in supporting the war-stricken population, highlighting the importance of international solidarity and support in times of crisis. Future developments will likely see continued efforts to address the immediate needs of the population, along with long-term strategies to support recovery and rebuilding.

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