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Dubai Fashion Week Shines with International Designers and Carolina Herrera

Just days after Paris Fashion Week ended, all eyes are now on Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), which is due to end this Sunday.

Just days after the conclusion of Paris Fashion Week, all eyes are now on Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), set to conclude this Sunday. 

DFW’s schedule features renowned names in Dubai’s fashion scene, including Dima Ayad, Mrs. Keepa, and Michael Cinco.

A Global Hub for Fashion:

The week began with a presentation by the American fashion house Carolina Herrera and will conclude with a runway show by Malaysian designer Rizman Ruziani. 

This international lineup underscores Dubai’s cosmopolitan nature and highlights its growing prominence on the global fashion stage. 

For Carolina Herrera, the Gulf region has become its second most vital market after the United States.

Carolina Herrera’s Embrace of Dubai:

Wes Gordon, the creative director for Carolina Herrera, expressed his enthusiasm about the brand’s presence in Dubai, saying, “We were thrilled to receive the invitation. 

It’s a region that has always been so important to Herrera; lately, it has become even more exciting. 

Dubai has a rich cultural blend, and the fashion-savvy women here are truly inspiring. I’m thrilled to be here to showcase what Herrera represents today.”

A Fusion of Collections:

Carolina Herrera’s presentation at Dubai Fashion Week featured pieces from the brand’s recent spring/summer 2024 collection showcased in New York and selections from their resort collection presented in Rio de Janeiro. 

Additionally, several previously unseen pieces were unveiled. The collection included a curated range of items, from embroidered kaftans to sequinned cocktail dresses and midi-length floral prints designed for seamless transitions from day to night.

Breaking Fashion Stereotypes:

Wes Gordon challenged common fashion stereotypes, stating, “I think there is a misconception that this region is only interested in evening dresses. 

I dislike nothing more than categorizing clothing into day-wear and evening-wear, winter and summer, casual and formal. 

It’s incredibly antiquated. What truly matters in this world is buying clothes that you find beautiful, especially in a region with year-round great weather.”

A Tribute to Mrs. Herrera:

Carolina Herrera’s recent collections draw inspiration from its founder, Carolina Herrera, and her heritage. 

The brand hosted its first destination show in Rio de Janeiro, featuring polka dots, vibrant prints, and halter gowns. These collections maintain Herrera’s classic style while infusing youthful freshness.

Wes Gordon noted, “My greatest muse for the new direction of Herrera was Mrs. Herrera herself. 

She embodies confidence, glamour, empowerment — a woman who journeyed from Venezuela to New York to establish a fashion empire, photographed by the greatest artists of the 20th century, living an extraordinary life filled with celebration, joy, laughter, and beauty.”

Expanding Presence in Dubai:

A selection of pieces from Carolina Herrera’s latest collection arrived at the Dubai Fashion Week showcase. 

Wes Gordon expressed openness to hosting a full-fledged fashion show in Dubai, emphasizing the idea of acquiring fabulous pieces that make every occasion special rather than reserving fashion for special events.

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