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Youth eco-champions and inspiring educators garner global acclaim

The winning group will get the opportunity to study climate change at the University of Oxford.

The winning group will get the opportunity to study climate change at the University of Oxford.

Dubai’s Eco-Minded Pupils:

A group of enterprising students from Gems Our Own English High School in Dubai has achieved international recognition for their commitment to enhancing air quality. 

Unnimaya Muraledharan in 12th Grade, along with Trisha Banerjee, Elvina Edison, Nischala Doddamani, and Gayathri Vinod, all Grade 11 students, stand among the top five finalists in the Burjeel Holdings-Oxford Saïd Climate Change Challenge. 

Their brainchild, Biogrow, a natural fertilizer, ingeniously harnesses carbon dioxide and ammonia to curtail their presence in the atmosphere, thereby contributing to reducing their environmental impact.

Teacher’s Impactful Climate Message:

Frithi Francis, the director of innovation, IT, and sustainability at Cambridge High School in Abu Dhabi, has secured her place as a finalist in the teacher category of the same competition. 

Her unwavering commitment to embedding environmental consciousness within classroom discussions earned her this well-deserved recognition. 

Ensuring that the environment remains a pivotal topic of conversation in educational settings, she has amplified the crucial climate message among learners.

These inspiring individuals from Dubai and Abu Dhabi exemplify a proactive approach toward environmental sustainability and education. Their efforts not only merit global acclaim but also serve as beacons of inspiration for the youth and educators alike, advocating for a more environmentally conscious and responsible future.

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