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Youngest Writer in the World: 3-Year-Old Emirati Girl Makes History

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AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri’s Remarkable Achievement in Children’s Literature

Dubai: A three-year-old Emirati girl, AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri, has created history by becoming the youngest published writer in the world. She achieved this extraordinary feat by publishing two children’s stories, “The Flower” and “Honeybee.” Within just 24 hours of their release, she sold over 1,000 copies, earning recognition from the Guinness World Records.

Early Start in Creative Writing

AlMaha’s journey into storytelling and drawing began at an impressively young age. Her passion for these arts led her to produce imaginative stories for children, complemented by vibrant drawings. This exceptional ability has not only made her a young literary sensation but also an inspiration for children and adults alike.

Environmental Themes in Her Stories

In her books, AlMaha conveys important environmental principles, reflecting her keen interest in ecological preservation. This was particularly influenced by her visit to COP28 in Dubai last November, where she gained insights into environmental conservation and its growing importance.

Family of Young Achievers

AlMaha comes from a family with a history of setting records. Her older sister, Aldhabi, holds the record for being the youngest person to publish a bilingual book, and her brother holds a record for being the youngest male to publish a book. This environment of young achievers and healthy competition has been pivotal in nurturing AlMaha’s talents.

The Role of Early Reading and Writing

Research indicates that most children learn to read and write between ages 6-7. AlMaha, however, started much earlier, learning to read and write at the age of 3. Her ability to engage in back-and-forth conversations at such a young age is testament to her exceptional talent.

The Importance of Nurturing Young Talents

AlMaha’s mother emphasizes the significance of discovering and nurturing children’s talents. She believes in the importance of boosting their confidence and raising awareness about the need to support young talents, enabling them to become active contributors to society.


AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri’s achievement as the youngest published writer in the world is not just a personal triumph but a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the boundless potential of young minds.

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