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Yasmina Villas Unveiled at Expo City Dubai; Check the Price

Expo City Dubai has unveiled its newest real estate units, the luxury Yasmina Villas, which are located within the breathtaking Expo Valley.

Expo City Dubai has introduced its latest real estate units, the luxurious Yasmina Villas, set within the stunning Expo Valley. These sought-after villas are now available, with limited properties starting at Dh6.1 million.

Spacious and Private Living:

Yasmina Villas offers generous four- and five-bedroom semi-detached homes meticulously designed across three levels, each with an average plot area of around 4,000 square feet. 

Every bedroom within these elegant villas boasts an ensuite bathroom, ensuring ultimate comfort and privacy. 

Additionally, these homes include a dedicated space for a maid. The properties provide picturesque views of the lush surroundings against expansive green spaces.

A Vision of Integrated Green Living:

Expo City Dubai is dedicated to providing a complete living experience, not just homes. 

Yasmina Villas aligns with the overarching vision of Expo Valley and Expo City Dubai to redefine urban living and create fully integrated, eco-conscious communities. 

Residents will thrive in this harmonious, green environment while enjoying a vibrant, sophisticated, interconnected lifestyle.

Seamless Blend of Nature and Convenience:

Expo Valley, a gated community within Expo City, seamlessly combines the beauty of lush greenery, a serene lake, and wadi landscapes with the convenience of urban living. 

This extraordinary blend offers a living experience that seamlessly integrates nature, space, and modern amenities within easy reach.

Immersive Natural Settings:

A one-kilometer wadi will meander through the residential units of the neighborhood, offering stunning natural landscapes, including a tranquil water body and rugged terrain that invites residents to explore and hike within the community. 

Additionally, Expo Valley features car-free lanes, dedicated tracks for cycles and e-scooters, and an underground road network. 

Residents can access the main attractions of Expo City through a dedicated corridor designed for pedestrians, cyclists, and autonomous vehicles.

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