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Woman Sentenced to Prison and Fine for Assaulting Man in Fujairah

For physically assaulting a guy in a residential building, a lady in Fujairah was sentenced to two months in prison and fined Dh3,000.

A woman in Fujairah has been sentenced to two months in prison and fined Dh3,000 for physically assaulting a man in a residential building. 

The Fujairah Federal Court issued the verdict, emphasizing the severity of the assault, which left the man unable to work for over 20 days due to sustained injuries.

Unprovoked Attack in Residential Building:

The victim filed a complaint, alleging that the woman attacked him without provocation as he entered his residential building. 

The assault included verbal abuse and threats. When the man threatened to involve the police, the situation escalated, resulting in physical violence and injuries.

Conflicting Statements and Legal Proceedings:

Initially, the accused admitted to the charges during police questioning but retracted her statements, denying wrongdoing. 

Despite her change in stance, the court deemed the evidence compelling, considering the victim’s consistent account and the medical examination confirming injuries sustained during the assault.

Legal Verdict and Justification:

In absentia, the court handed down a two-month prison sentence, a Dh3,000 fine and applicable judicial fees. 

The ruling emphasized the satisfaction with the presented evidence and the absence of doubt regarding the accused’s involvement in the crime.

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