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White Friday 2023: MENA Customer Spending Jumps by 40%

When compared to a regular "quiet" period, MENA buyers spent 40% more on White Friday.

MENA customers exhibited a robust 40% increase in spending during White Friday compared to a typical “quiet” period, as the Admitad affiliate network reported. 

Purchases across various categories, including clothes, footwear, electronics, household goods, toys, and beauty products, drove the surge in activity.

Key Shopping Trends:

Admitad’s analysis of over 153 million online orders from 2,800 global brands and more than 5.6 million online orders in MENA highlighted a shift in consumer preferences. 

Major product categories attracting significant sales included electronics (24%), fashion (17.2%), and home & garden (13%).

Changing Dynamics and Declining Excitement:

While online sales during White Friday reached new heights, global data suggests slowing excitement around the annual event. 

Admitad reported an 8% increase in the number of sales and a 9% increase in the sum of sales compared to the previous year. In MENA, shoppers demonstrated a 40% increase in activity, showing a decline in enthusiasm compared to last year’s 35% jump.

Evolving Shopper Behavior:

Shoppers are becoming more discerning, with some stating that White Friday discounts are not as tempting as before. 

The continuous stream of sales has conditioned customers to carefully scrutinize offers, verify discounts, and wait for genuinely lucrative deals.

Dominance of Marketplaces:

Marketplaces, comprising over 67% of all online orders during White Friday week, maintained their dominance, attracting approximately 69% of purchases in MENA. 

Major platforms such as tools, toys & hobbies, and electronics experienced substantial growth during this period.

Cashback services played a significant role in MENA customers’ purchases, influencing more than 20% of online transactions during White Friday. The appeal of cashback has become a decisive factor in store and product selection for many users.

Marketing Trends and Affiliate Strategies:

Content platforms and online media emerged as key sources for White Friday orders, capturing over 19% of all orders. 

Affiliate marketing gained popularity, with 20% more brands incorporating it into their strategies than the previous year. Affiliate partners witnessed a notable 43% increase in profits during White Friday.

Preparing for Future Sales:

With New Year sales approaching, brands are advised to consider the results of Single’s Day and White Friday in preparation for upcoming sales events. 

Understanding evolving consumer behaviors and leveraging successful marketing strategies will be crucial for brands aiming to capitalize on the festive shopping season.

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