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WhatsApp Update: Changes in Android Chat Backups and Storage

The next WhatsApp upgrade for Android users indicates a substantial change in chat backup methods.

WhatsApp’s upcoming update for Android users signals a significant change in chat backup processes. 

Previously offering unlimited storage for chat backups on Android devices, the social media messaging platform is now set to prompt users to utilize their storage space, mirroring the system already in place for iOS users.

Storage Limitations and Concerns:

This alteration may raise concerns, especially for users with extensive multimedia files within their chats due to their larger sizes. 

The application will now require users to manage their chat data within the confines of their storage limits, specifically capping at 15GB, aligning with the free storage provided by Google.

Managing the Change:

To navigate this transition smoothly, users are encouraged to adopt certain strategies:

1. Deleting Large Files: Review and remove sizable files such as photos, videos, and documents from chats. Access WhatsApp settings, navigate to ‘Storage and Data,’ then ‘Manage Storage’ to identify and delete files larger than 5MB.

2. Removing Forwarded Content: Identify and eliminate files forwarded multiple times using the ‘Manage Storage’ feature and selecting ‘Forwarded Many Times.’

3. Implementing Disappearing Messages: Reduce space consumption by enabling disappearing messages in individual chats. This feature automatically deletes messages after a designated time.

4. Deleting Chats and Archived Conversations: Consider deleting old or large group chats. Additionally, explore archived chats and remove those to create additional space.

WhatsApp’s adjustment emphasizes the need for users to actively manage their chat data and storage to adapt to these new backup policies for Android devices.

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