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WhatsApp Unveils AI-Generated Stickers and Enhanced Features

In its most recent set of updates, WhatsApp includes unique features that improve user experience and security.

WhatsApp, a ubiquitous messaging platform, introduces innovative features that enhance user experience and security in its latest series of updates. 

Notable additions include AI-generated stickers, timed pinned messages, and a ‘view once’ option for voice messages.

AI-Generated Stickers: A Creative Leap:

WhatsApp users can now harness artificial intelligence’s power to automatically create personalized stickers. The AI interprets the entered text, generating stickers dynamically. 

Initially available for English text, this feature adds a creative dimension to conversations, with AI-generated stickers seamlessly appearing in the user’s sticker tray.

Timed Pinned Messages: Enhanced Chat Organization:

The messaging platform introduces flexibility in pinned messages by allowing users to set specific time durations. 

Messages can be pinned for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, providing a customizable approach to prioritizing and organizing important information within chats. Users retain the option to unpin messages at any time.

‘View Once’ Option for Voice Messages: 

WhatsApp introduced a ‘view once’ option for voice messages in response to user demands for enhanced privacy. 

This feature ensures that the recipient can listen to the voice message once without the ability to save or forward it. 

The ‘view once’ functionality adds an extra layer of security, giving users greater control over their shared content.

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