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WhatsApp Services Partially Restored, Meta Platforms Still Experiencing Issues

WhatsApp services were restored about 12:10 p.m. after nearly an hour of sporadic connectivity issues, particularly affecting web services.

After nearly an hour of sporadic connectivity issues, primarily affecting web services, WhatsApp services were restored around 12:10 p.m. However, websites for Facebook and Instagram remain inaccessible.

UAE WhatsApp Users Encounter Problems:

On Saturday morning, WhatsApp users in the UAE encountered difficulties when sending messages on mobile and desktop. 

These glitches were not limited to WhatsApp but extended to other Meta platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram.

WhatsApp Issues Detailed:

WhatsApp users experienced disruptions where messages were sent with just one gray tick mark, indicating delivery issues. 

Additionally, users on the desktop version found themselves logged out of their accounts. While mobile app services began to stabilize after a few minutes, the web platform remained inaccessible, displaying an error message that read, “The site can’t be reached.”, a monitoring platform, noted a significant surge in user reports of WhatsApp issues starting at 10.47 a.m. 

This trend continued with reports of Facebook problems from 11.11 a.m., Messenger at 11.14 a.m., and Instagram at 11.12 a.m.

App vs. Desktop Discrepancy:

While Facebook and Instagram mobile apps seemed to be functioning, albeit at a slower pace for some users, the desktop versions of these platforms remained unresponsive and were not loading in web browsers.

Meta’s Response Awaited:

As of now, Meta has not issued an official statement regarding the technical glitch affecting its platforms. Users continue to await updates and solutions to these connectivity issues.

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