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WhatsApp Enhanced Privacy: Hidden Locked Chats Folder Feature

Google has decorated its homepage with a festive doodle depicting the flying UAE flag in honour of the UAE's 52nd Union Day.

WhatsApp is set to elevate user privacy with a new feature that enables users to lock their chats and conceal the folder housing these secured conversations. 

The feature, currently available for some beta users, introduces an added layer of privacy for those seeking a more discreet messaging experience.

Concealing Locked Chats Folder:

In a tweet on November 30, WhatsApp teased the upcoming feature, allowing users to hide their locked chats folder. 

This innovative addition allows users to make their secured conversations even more discreet by keeping the folder out of plain view.

Users must input a ‘secret code’ into the search bar to access the concealed locked chats folder. 

This ensures that the locked chats remain hidden from the main chats list, adding an element of exclusivity to the user experience.

Additional Feature to Clear Locked Chats List:

Some users may also benefit from an additional feature, allowing them to clear the list of locked chats within their privacy settings. 

This is a failsafe in case users forget their secret code, ensuring they can regain access to their locked chats without compromising security.

WhatsApp continues to build on its commitment to user privacy following the introduction of chat locking earlier this year. 

Users can secure individual or group chats with a password or fingerprint, preventing automatic media saving to the device and adding an extra layer of protection to their conversations.

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