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WeWalk 2023: Fostering Unity and Support for Autism Awareness in Dubai

Hundreds of people gathered at Dubai Science Park for WeWalk 2023, a walkathon to raise awareness and finances for children with autism spectrum disorder.

In a heartwarming display of unity and support, hundreds gathered at Dubai Science Park for WeWalk 2023, a walkathon to raise awareness and funds for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Families and supporters, including those directly impacted by ASD, walked together, sharing stories and advocating for inclusion.

Embracing Diversity and Understanding:

Participants like Mohammed, walking hand in hand with his son, emphasized the importance of events like WeWalk in fostering understanding and support for those with ASD. 

He stressed the need for increased awareness to recognize that individuals with ASD are integral parts of the community, deserving understanding and acceptance.

Usha Shah, attending with her son Nikhil, highlighted the struggle for adequate support, especially for teenagers and adults with ASD. 

She advocated for more inclusivity within schools and changes that accommodate the needs of individuals with determination.

Celebrating Differences and Family Participation:

In hosting WeWalk with his son Rio, Nick Watson emphasized the importance of inclusivity and family involvement. 

He shared his family’s participation in races, promoting the idea that events like these bring people together and highlight the importance of inclusion.

The walkathon saw diverse participation, from mounted Dubai police and supercars leading the parade to children, people in wheelchairs, and joggers joining the 3.5km track. 

Participants engaged in activities, challenging each other and fostering a sense of unity amidst differences.

Advocating Independence and Empathy:

Individuals like Hanna, aspiring to work with ASD children, emphasized the independence and capabilities of autistic individuals when provided with proper assistance. Their presence at events like WeWalk aims to dispel misconceptions and promote inclusivity.

Empathy, Understanding, and Support:

Among the participants, Maha highlighted the significance of events supporting people of determination and fostering understanding and empathy among participants. 

She emphasized the mutual benefit of support and understanding, bridging gaps between experiences.

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