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Weekend Weather Update: Continued Rainfall and Cloudy Skies

Residents may expect a dark and rainy start to their weekend as rain continued to fall in various areas yesterday.

As rainfall persisted in various regions yesterday, residents can anticipate a cloudy and damp start to their weekend, with showers expected to continue across the Emirates today.

Forecast and Alerts:

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts partly cloudy skies with potential convective clouds over islands and coastal areas, extending to some internal regions, leading to anticipated rainfall. 

Alerts of orange and yellow have been issued in specific areas, cautioning residents about potentially hazardous weather conditions for outdoor activities.

Dubai witnessed moderate to heavy rains earlier today, creating driving challenges for morning commuters, as captured in a clip from the Storm Centre, showcasing rainfall in the Marina area.

The NCM forecasts rain until approximately 5 pm, followed by increased humidity later at night, possibly leading to mist formation in select western areas.

Weekend Breeziness and Temperature Variations:

Expect a breezy weekend with intermittent light to moderate winds and occasional cloud cover, possibly resulting in blowing dust and sand. 

Temperatures might reach a maximum of 32ºC in internal areas, while mountainous regions could experience a chilly low of 13ºC.

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