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Weather Update UAE: Fair Day with Partly Cloudy Skies Expected

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts a sunny day with scattered clouds in the UAE.

The National Centre of Meteorology forecasts a fair day with intermittent clouds across the UAE. 

However, low clouds may form in eastern regions and over islands, potentially bringing light rainfall during the night. Light to moderate winds are anticipated throughout the day.

Temperature Outlook:

Temperatures are expected to reach a maximum of 27ºC across the country. Abu Dhabi may see highs of 27ºC, while Dubai could experience temperatures up to 29ºC. 

Conversely, cooler conditions are projected at night, with lows of 16ºC in Abu Dhabi, 18ºC in Dubai, and a chilly 7ºC in mountainous areas.

Humidity Levels:

Humidity is expected to increase during the night and early Wednesday morning in certain internal areas. Humidity levels are estimated to range from 35 to 75 percent in Abu Dhabi and from 35 to 80 percent in Dubai.

Sea Conditions:

Sea conditions are anticipated to be tiny in both the Arabian Gulf as well as the Oman Sea. 

Residents are urged to stay updated on weather forecasts and conditions, especially those planning maritime activities.

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