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Weather Update for Dubai’s New Year’s Eve and Beyond

According to Eisa Al Sereidi, as the year comes to a close, Dubai expects a day with substantial cloud cover and possibly evening drizzles.

As the year draws to a close, Dubai anticipates a day with dense cloud cover and possible evening drizzles, according to Eisa Al Sereidi, Head of General Meteorology at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Weather Transitioning to Winter:

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Sereidi highlighted the onset of the UAE’s winter months. Although dense fog covered the city on Thursday morning, he foresees a gradual reduction in fog over the upcoming days.

Expectations for December 31st include potential fog in internal areas and cloudy conditions in coastal regions, particularly in the north and East. Sereidi mentioned the likelihood of light rain or drizzles, especially with scattered clouds and lightning.

Outlook for the New Year:

The first day of the new year is predicted to be fair to partly cloudy, primarily along the coastal areas. Sereidi discussed moisture movement from the West to the East, possibly resulting in scattered clouds and occasional drizzles.

Insights on December’s Rainfall:

Sereidi noted a comparatively lower amount of rainfall this December compared to previous years in the same period. He attributed this to the persistence of high pressure over the UAE, hindering rain-bearing clouds.

Looking ahead, Sereidi cautioned residents about colder days in January. He expects a temperature drop, especially during the longer nights, citing factors like strong northwesterly winds contributing to a potential temperature decrease of four to five degrees.

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