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Weather Update: Fair Conditions Expected with Light Rainfall

The weather in the UAE is expected to be fair to partly cloudy on Thursday, November 30.

The weather in the UAE on Thursday, November 30, is anticipated to feature fair to partly cloudy conditions. 

The meteorological department predicts a slight temperature drop, with potential cloud cover in the far North, accompanied by light rainfall.

Temperature Variations and Humidity:

Temperatures are expected to decrease, leading to relatively cooler weather. Nights and Friday mornings may experience higher humidity levels, with a possibility of mist formation in certain internal areas. 

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are expected to have daytime temperatures of 28°C and 29°C, respectively, with lows of 21°C and 22°C.

Winds and Sea Conditions:

Winds are forecasted to be light to moderate, occasionally reaching fresh speeds, particularly in the West. 

This could lead to blowing dust in some areas. Sea conditions are projected to range from rough to moderate in the Arabian Gulf and slightly to moderate in the Oman Sea.

Recent Temperature Highlights:

The highest temperature registered in the country on Wednesday was 32.8 °C in Rowdah (Al Ain) at 14:15 UAE Local Time.

Residents and visitors are advised to stay updated about weather updates and take necessary precautions based on the conditions throughout the day.

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