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Weather Forecast UAE: Fair Conditions with Possibility of Nighttime Humidity

The weather in the UAE is anticipated to be mostly clear on Tuesday, with only a few clouds in the sky.

The weather across the UAE on Tuesday is expected to be predominantly fair, with partly cloudy conditions prevailing. Anticipate the presence of low clouds, particularly in eastern and northern regions.

Night and Wednesday Morning Expectations:

During the night and Wednesday morning, humidity levels will rise, potentially leading to mist formation in select internal and Northern areas of the Emirates.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach a high of 30°C in Abu Dhabi and 29°C in Dubai. Expect lows of 21°C and 23°C in the respective emirates, offering relatively comfortable conditions.

Wind and Sea Conditions:

The day will see light to moderate winds blowing throughout the region. Sea conditions are expected to be slight both in the Arabian Gulf and also the Oman Sea, ensuring calm waters for maritime activities.

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