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Weather Forecast UAE: Fair Conditions with Partly Cloudy Skies

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts that today's weather will be mostly sunny with some cloud cover.

The National Centre of Meteorology anticipates today’s weather generally fair, occasionally featuring partial cloud cover.

Low clouds are forecasted to appear over coastal regions and islands, providing a varied atmospheric experience throughout the day.

Increasing Humidity and Possible Mist by Night and Saturday Morning:

As night falls and transitions into Saturday morning, weather conditions are expected to become more humid, increasing the likelihood of mist formation in select coastal and internal areas.

Winds are projected to be light to moderate, contributing to a gentle and comfortable breeze.

Sea Conditions and Temperature Extremes:

The sea is forecasted to be tiny in both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea, ensuring favorable maritime conditions. 

The lowest temperature expected is 7ºC in mountainous regions, while internal areas may experience highs of up to 29ºC.

This weather update provides a comprehensive overview of the day’s conditions, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors alike.

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