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Weather Forecast: Fair Day with, Heavy Rain Expected Across the UAE

The National Centre of Meteorology has forecast a sunny day with partly cloudy skies, with heavy rain expected across the UAE.

The National Centre of Meteorology has announced a fair day with partly cloudy skies, anticipating heavy rain across the UAE. 

While temperatures are expected to be as high as 30ºC, the possibility of rain, fog, and rough seas prompts cautionary alerts.

Weather Conditions:

The day is expected to be generally fair, with intermittent cloud cover. Low clouds are anticipated over the east by afternoon. 

Light to moderate winds will prevail, gaining freshness westward over the sea. Red and yellow alerts have been given for fog and rough seas.

Alerts and Advisories:

  1. Fog Formation: Alerts indicate fog formation with a deterioration in horizontal visibility, particularly from midnight until 10 am on Wednesday. Motorists are urged to exercise caution during this period.
  2. Rough Seas: Fresh winds and rough seas are expected, with wave heights reaching up to 6ft offshore. The alert spans from 8 pm on Tuesday until 8 pm on Wednesday, warranting vigilance for marine activities.

Temperature Range:

Despite daytime highs reaching 30ºC, nighttime and early morning temperatures could drop significantly. Abu Dhabi may experience lows of 18ºC, while Dubai could see temperatures as low as 20ºC. 

Mountainous regions might witness even cooler temperatures, with lows around 7ºC.

Humidity is expected to prevail, especially during the night and Friday morning over internal areas. Humidity levels will range from 50 to 90 percent in Abu Dhabi and 45 to 85 percent in Dubai.

Sea Conditions:

Sea conditions are forecasted to be slight to moderate, with occasional roughness westward in the Arabian Gulf. The Oman Sea is expected to experience slight conditions. Mariners are advised to stay informed about changing sea states.

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