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Watch: Dog interrupts cricket match, wins netizens’ hearts with fielding skills – News

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The incident provided moments of welcome hilarity for commentators and spectators alike

Pitch invasion seems to have become a common feature of live cricket matches these days. The most recent incident, however, involves a furry golden dog whose neat fielding skills have won him viral fame.

The hilarious incident occurred during the semi-final of the Women’s All-Ireland T20 between Bready Cricket Club and Civil Service North or Ireland Cricket Club in Magheramason.

As the batter hit the ball towards short third man for double and the fielder threw it back, viewers suddenly saw the dog — with its black leash trailing behind it — run out onto the field. When the wicket keeper tried to hit the stumps and missed, the dog hurriedly snapped up the ball and began running away, as players tried to chase it down.

It finally stopped running after a player calmed it down and retrieved the ball so the match could resume.

The incident provided moments of welcome hilarity for commentators and spectators alike.

The short clip was originally shared by the official account of Ireland’s Women Cricket with the quip: “Great fielding…by a small furry pitch invader.”


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It was then re-tweeted by Peter Miller, Head of PR and Communications, Caribbean Premier League — and has since garnered 1.9 million views and counting.

The four-legged fielder impressed netizens with his exceptional fielding. “Dogs should be used as sub fielders in cricket – change my mind,” challenged one amused netizen.


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