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Wasim Akram Defends ICC Against Allegations of Favoritism in World Cup

Following former Pakistan batsman Hasan Raza's startling accusation, Wasim Akram has gone to the ICC's defence.

Legendary pace bowler turned cricket pundit Wasim Akram has come to the defense of the International Cricket Council (ICC) following former Pakistan batsman Hasan Raza’s sensational accusation that the sport’s governing body favored host nation India during the Cricket World Cup.

Akram Ridicules Raza’s Claims:

During a discussion on ABN News, Raza made the audacious claim that Indian bowlers were provided with different balls to generate more seam swing than the other nine participating teams in the tournament. 

However, Wasim Akram, widely regarded as one of the greatest new-ball bowlers in the modern era, dismissed his countryman’s criticism with a scathing retort.

Explanation of Ball Selection Process:

Speaking on Pakistan’s A Sports, the highly-regarded ESPN Star Sports commentator explained the meticulous process behind choosing the cricket balls used in official matches. 

Akram asserted that this procedure could not be manipulated to favor one team over another. He debunked Raza’s theory of altering ball conditions to influence the game’s outcome.

The Simple Science of Ball Swing:

Akram clarified, “Who thinks like this? How can a ball swing with a device? The theory is simple; one side is light (rough), and one side is heavy (shine).” 

He described the process in detail, emphasizing the transparency of ball selection in front of match officials.

Akram Comments Indian Pacers:

Wasim Akram, renowned for his mastery of reverse swing, also praised Indian pacers like Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, and Mohammed Siraj, suggesting they might be superior to their counterparts. 

He highlighted the possibility that Indian bowlers had learned valuable skills and become more efficient.

Support from Pakistani Cricket Icons:

Former Pakistan captains Shoaib Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq echoed Wasim Akram’s sentiments, disapproving of Raza’s allegations and emphasizing that Indian bowlers’ seam positions were visible and legitimate. 

They encouraged a more positive approach to learning from the Indian team’s performance rather than harboring suspicions.

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