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Warning: Beware of Scams Impersonating UAE Missions Abroad

On Tuesday, UAE officials issued a cautionary note, noting fraudulent activity using the identities of the country's missions abroad.

UAE authorities issued a cautionary notice on Tuesday, highlighting fraudulent activities using the names of the country’s missions abroad. The targets of these scams are believed to include citizens and students.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Advisory:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised vigilance against deceptive emails or phone calls falsely claiming to represent the UAE’s embassies, officers, and overseas employees.

The ministry warned of tactics employed by scammers, mentioning requests for financial transfers under false pretexts, such as admission to universities or advance payments to secure scholarships.

Strong Caution and Reporting Procedure:

Strongly advising against responding to such deceptive emails or messages, the ministry emphasized the importance of immediate action if encountered. 

Individuals encountering such scams are urged to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emergency hotline at 0097180024.

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