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VPN in UAE: Know when not to use it.

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Illegal use of VPN is punishable offense

With 3.82 million UAE residents downloading VPN(Virtual Private Network) in the first half of 2020, the use of VPNs is one of the highest in the world.

Even though VPNs are not illegal in the UAE, misusing them is a punishable offense. Punishment might get as severe as fines up to Dh2 million and imprisonment.

Managing Partner of Ashish Mehta and Associates, Ashish Mehta, said if the usage of VPNs is according to the guidelines of the UAE government, it is not illegal to use VPN.

In contrast, using a VPN is illegal when an individual or organization tries to get access to websites, calling and gaming applications, blocked by the UAE government.

Article 1, UAE Cyber Law

A fraudulent computer network protocol, using a false address or a third-party address by any other means to commit a crime or prevent its discovery, is a punishable offense. Further, imprisonment, fine ofDh50,000 to Dh 2 million or both are applicable for violation of the above-stated law.

>> Spread hate.

>> Support the gathering of people for illegal protests.

>> Promote any fraudulent purpose.

>> Support any anti-religious content.

>> Promote anti-state activities.

>> Commit crimes.

>> Prevent crime discovery.

>> Access porn websites.

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