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Volunteers Across Four Emirates Serve Iftar to Commuters on the Go

Volunteers Across Four Emirates Serve Iftar to Commuters on the Go

In the bustling rush hour traffic of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman, a heartwarming sight unfolds as more than 300 volunteers take to the streets. With traffic lights turning red, these dedicated individuals spread the spirit of Ramadan by delivering iftar food packets to commuters on the move.

As part of an initiative led by Aster DM Healthcare in collaboration with Dubai Police and community members, these volunteers distribute iftar kits to motorists navigating through the evening rush hour. The aim is to provide support to individuals who may struggle to reach home in time for iftar.

Across 13 locations in the four emirates, volunteers distribute around 500 iftar packets at each junction, totaling 5,000 food boxes every day. Each iftar kit contains essentials such as dates, water, a cake, and juice, offering nourishment and relief to fasting motorists.

The initiative, which spans the holy month of Ramadan, plans to distribute more than 150,000 iftar boxes to commuters in need. Commuters like Sara Ahmed express gratitude for these acts of kindness, which highlight the community’s spirit of generosity during Ramadan.

For delivery riders like Shaver Ali, receiving an iftar kit during the rush hour provides much-needed sustenance as they continue their work. Ali appreciates the convenience of having his iftar meal on the go, thanks to the generosity of volunteers at the junctions.

Through such efforts, volunteers across the emirates exemplify the true essence of Ramadan, spreading compassion and support to those in need, even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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