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Volition Beauty: Empowering Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry

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Patricia Santos’s Journey from Venture Capitalist to Beauty Innovator

Patricia Santos, CEO and founder of Volition Beauty, has carved a unique path in the beauty industry by creating a platform that turns creators into entrepreneurs. Her journey began as a venture capitalist, where she saw a gap in funding for beauty entrepreneurs, particularly women. Volition Beauty, founded in 2017, empowers creators with resources and support to transform their innovative ideas into marketable products. Facing challenges like supply chain disruptions and digital advertising inefficiencies, Santos pivoted towards more authentic creator recruitment strategies. Her advice to entrepreneurs emphasizes thinking outside traditional funding methods and focusing on sustainable business models. This approach has led to significant milestones for Volition Beauty, including the success of their Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF50 and Sémillon Retinol Serum. Santos’s story highlights persistence, innovation, and the importance of nurturing emerging talent in the competitive beauty landscape.

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