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Virtuzone offers support to SMEs for corporate tax compliance in the UAE

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Over 50 percent of UAE-based firms are unwilling to comply with the new tax regulations; this initiative plans to help companies meet their reporting needs for corporate tax.

Virtuzone, a leading company formation specialist and an award-winning corporate service provider, has introduced a new initiative aimed at aiding small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as they navigate the recently implemented corporate tax regulations.

Free Corporate Tax Registration and Accounting Services

As part of this initiative, Virtuzone has made a commitment to offer free corporate tax registration and accounting services for a duration of three months. This generous offer is extended to over 10,000 SMEs in the UAE. 

The goal is to provide essential assistance to these businesses in ensuring their compliance with the newly enacted tax laws and avoiding potential penalties.

Unique Compliance Guarantee

Virtuzone’s initiative includes a unique compliance guarantee, which offers peace of mind to SMEs by assuring that they meet all necessary tax obligations within the specified timeframe.

This initiative reflects Virtuzone’s dedication to supporting the UAE’s SME sector and assisting businesses in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape. 

It serves as a significant step in ensuring that SMEs can continue to thrive and grow in the UAE while adhering to the new corporate tax regulations.

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