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Vir Das Receives Letters of Congratulations After Historic Emmy Win

On Friday, Vir Das took to Instagram to share the letter from DPS Noida's principal.

A day after being applauded by Priyanka Chopra through a handwritten note, stand-up comedian and actor Vir Das received another letter of congratulations. 

This one came from the principal of his alma mater, Delhi Public School Noida, adding to the chorus of appreciation for his historic International Emmy win.

Warm Acknowledgment from DPS Noida:

Vir Das took to his Instagram on Friday to share the letter from DPS Noida’s principal. 

The letter expressed, “On behalf of DPS Noida, we extend our warmest congratulations to you on winning the prestigious Emmy award. It is a testament to your talent and unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Nostalgia and Gratitude in Vir’s Caption:

In his Instagram caption, Vir Das expressed the joy of receiving a letter from the principal without trouble, reminiscing about his school days. 

He thanked Delhi Public School Noida and highlighted his pride in studying there. He also thanked Surjeet Khanna for encouraging him to go beyond academics and putting him on stage.

Flowers and Note from Priyanka Chopra:

Vir Das also shared a photo on X, revealing the thoughtful gesture from Priyanka Chopra. 

The picture showcased flowers and a handwritten note sent by Priyanka to congratulate Vir on his historic triumph at the Emmy International Awards 2023.

Vir Das’s recent achievements have garnered widespread recognition and support from the entertainment industry and his alma mater, reflecting the impact of his talent and dedication.

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