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Victor Oshimen and Napoli controversy: What’s going on?

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Napoli forward Victor Osimhen says he has “unwavering” passion for the club and has urged “unity” among its fans.

Apology Over Controversial TikTok Video

Serie A club Napoli faced criticism for sharing a TikTok video that appeared to mock Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen after he missed a penalty last week. Napoli clarified that they “never meant to offend” the 24-year-old with the video.

Osimhen’s Gratitude and Dedication

Following his goal in Napoli’s impressive 4-0 victory against Lecce on Saturday, Victor Osimhen took to Instagram to express his deep affection for the club and the city of Naples. He emphasized the love and kindness he has received from the people of Naples, and his commitment to Napoli remains unwavering.

Embracing Napoli’s Passion

Osimhen acknowledged the passionate support he receives from the people of Naples, which motivates him to give his all on the field. He proudly wears the Napoli badge and views the club’s fans as an integral part of his life.

A Message of Unity and Respect

The Nigerian striker also appreciated the support and voices of Nigerians and others who reached out to him during the controversy. He called for the continuation of spreading unity, respect, and understanding among fans and supporters.

Legal Threat and Manager’s Support

In response to the controversial TikTok video, Osimhen’s agent threatened legal action against the club. However, Napoli’s manager, Rudi Garcia, affirmed his unwavering commitment to the Serie A club, stating he is “invested 100%” despite the incident.

Victor Osimhen’s heartfelt message underscores his dedication to Napoli and his determination to maintain a strong connection with the club and its fans, despite recent controversy.

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