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Varied Celebrations Await the New Year in the UAE

Dayana plans to start the New Year with a sunrise beach yoga session, completing 108 sun salutations for good energy.

Dayana, a Dubai resident, intends to welcome the New Year with an early beach yoga session, performing 108 sun salutations for positive energy.

She plans a cozy gathering with loved ones, cooking together, and relishing the Dubai skyline’s fireworks, especially cherishing her niece’s first New Year’s celebration.

Reflective Serenity in the Desert:

Mohamed, seeking a quieter celebration, sees the New Year as a time for reflection. Escaping the city’s buzz, he opts for a desert camping experience with friends. 

Amidst games and barbecues under the starlit sky, he aims to find solace and mark the year’s survival.

Familiar Connections and Sentimental Value:

Meriyam, finding comfort in the familiar, plans to gather with friends visiting from Kazakhstan. 

A homemade feast, gift exchange, and brunch at the Palm, a place holding personal significance, are on the agenda. 

Witnessing fireworks from this cherished spot holds sentimental value for her and her friends.

Ever-Evolving Traditions:

Latifa from Al Ain recounts her family’s evolving New Year’s celebrations. 

After camping near the Burj Khalifa last year for an enchanting view of the fireworks, they aim to repeat the experience, embracing the dreamy atmosphere as their evolving tradition takes root.

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