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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken embraces religious tolerance in Abu Dhabi

US secretary visited the synagogue and left a note reading 'light in the darkness.'

US secretary visited the synagogue and left a note reading ‘light in the darkness.’

In a notable visit, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken explored one of Abu Dhabi’s most renowned symbols of religious tolerance, the Abrahamic Family House. 

The visit was accompanied by the sharing of photos on social media, underlining the Secretary’s endorsement of the Emirates’ stance on coexistence.

A Visit to the Abrahamic Family House

Secretary Blinken took to social media to express his admiration for the newly opened Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi. 

He hailed it as an exemplary model for active dialogue and collaboration between different faiths, underscoring the UAE’s unwavering dedication to fostering peaceful coexistence among the Abrahamic religions.

A Vision for the Future of the Region

In his statement, the senior American official expressed a vision for the future of the region. 

He emphasized that the Abrahamic Family House stands as a testament to what the region should aspire to become – a place where diverse faiths coexist harmoniously, setting an inspiring example for the rest of the world.

Secretary Blinken’s visit to this site of religious tolerance reinforces the importance of dialogue, understanding, and unity in a world marked by diversity in religious beliefs. It reflects a broader commitment to peaceful coexistence and interfaith collaboration.

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