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US Imposes Visa Bans Over West Bank Violence, Urges Israel to Act

The United States imposed visa prohibitions on those participating in violent actions or actions that impede peace efforts in Israel.

The United States initiated visa bans targeting individuals involved in violent actions or actions hindering peace efforts in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized the policy’s aim to curb violence and ensure civilian access to essential services in the region.

Calls for Israeli Accountability:

Amid escalating violence between Israeli settlers and Palestinians, President Joe Biden and US officials have urged Israel to take decisive action against extremist violence. 

The surge in attacks coincided with the expansion of Jewish settlements and escalated following Hamas attacks on Israel in October.

Dual Call for Responsibility:

The US highlights the necessity for both Israeli authorities and Palestinian leaders to address violence in the West Bank. 

State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller stressed the need for accountability and prevention of attacks against both Palestinians and Israelis.

Implementation of Visa Bans:

The State Department imposed the initial visa bans targeting individuals involved in violence, with more designations anticipated in the coming days. 

The ban’s scope is projected to affect multiple individuals and their families, potentially impacting existing visa holders.

Israeli Response and US Expectations:

Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant reiterated that only government-certified entities hold the right to use violence in Israel. 

While acknowledging Israel’s actions, the US urges further steps, including prosecution, to address West Bank violence.

Continuing Dialogue and Actions:

Washington’s visa ban reinforces the call for Israel to take substantive actions against violence. 

Despite the visa restrictions, the US emphasizes the need for Israel’s independent measures and remains committed to ongoing discussions and cooperation to address the situation.

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