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US Embassy in Baghdad Targeted, Multiple Strikes Against US Forces

During an early Friday strike, seven mortar rounds were fired at the US Embassy compound in Baghdad.

Seven mortar rounds struck the US Embassy compound in Baghdad during an early Friday attack, marking one of the most substantial assaults of its kind in recent history, according to a US military official speaking to Reuters.

Widespread Targeting of US Forces:

In addition to the embassy strike, US forces in Iraq and Syria encountered multiple attacks, including rockets and drones targeting bases in both countries. 

The strikes occurred three times at separate bases in Syria and twice at the Ain al-Asad airbase near Baghdad, as confirmed by a US defense official.

Escalating Attacks Linked to Regional Tensions:

These attacks, the most significant recorded against US forces in a single day since mid-October, follow a series of hostilities initiated by Iran-aligned militias in response to Washington’s support for Israel during the conflict in Gaza.

While no specific group claimed responsibility, previous similar attacks were attributed to Iran-aligned militias associated with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. 

The strikes resulted in minor damage at the embassy and no reported injuries from Friday’s assaults.

Ongoing Series of Retaliatory Strikes:

US officials confirmed a string of retaliatory measures, with at least 84 attacks on US forces since mid-October. 

The US military’s responses, including airstrikes, have reportedly resulted in the deaths of militants in both Iraq and Syria.

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