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Upcoming UAE Holidays and much awaited Breaks

UAE public and private sector employees are enjoying an extended weekend on the occasion of PBUH, so here are some other public holidays and breaks for them to enjoy.

UAE public and private sector employees are enjoying an extended weekend on the occasion of Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) birthday. 

As employees prepare to resume the new workweek on Monday, October 2, this weekend may have been the last long one for 2023.

Upcoming UAE National Day Break:

As per the official list of holidays, the next break is for the UAE National Day, which falls on December 2 and 3. The holidays will be marked on Saturday and Sunday, forming the weekend for most employees.

The UAE Commemoration Day, previously known as Martyrs’ Day, is marked annually on Dec 1; in 2023, this occasion falls on a Friday. The occasion is not included in the official list of holidays for 2023. 

However, the UAE has previously recognized this solemn occasion and declared the Commemoration Day holiday for employees of both sectors.

Awaiting Official Announcements for Holidays:

The exact number of holidays will be determined by official announcements from the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). 

So, while anticipating a possible long weekend is high, residents must patiently wait before making plans.

During the National Day festivities, the UAE lights up with dazzling fireworks, spectacular celebrations, and many exciting events, promising a memorable and vibrant year-end.

Extended Break for Eid Al Fitr in 2024:

Those planning a long trip next year can expect an extended break for Eid Al Fitr in the first half 2024. 

Astronomically, the Holy Month of Ramadan is expected to begin in the second week of March 2024. The Islamic festival Eid Al Fitr is likely to fall on April 10.

The actual dates will be confirmed by the sighting of the crescent Moon, which is the basis for the Islamic Hijri calendar. 

In contrast to the Gregorian calendar, Islamic months endure 29 or 30 days, depending on when the Moon is visible.

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