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Unprecedented Rainfall Hits Expo Area in Dubai, Disrupting Daily Life

Over the weekend, the Expo area in Dubai experienced an unprecedented spike of rainfall, setting a new record for the region.

The Expo area in Dubai witnessed an extraordinary surge in rainfall, marking a record high for the region over the weekend. 

The unexpected deluge led to widespread disruptions across the country, causing road closures and flight cancellations due to heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Regional Impact and Unusual Rainfall Levels:

Numerous areas, including Ras Al Khaimah and Umm al Quwain, received more than 50mm of rainfall, accentuating the scale of the weather anomaly. 

Videos shared by the Storm Centre showcased an overflowing wadi in Ras Al Khaimah, illustrating the intensity of the downpour.

Dr. Ahmed Habib from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) revealed staggering statistics, citing the Expo area’s recording of 65.8mm of rainfall, surpassing previous years’ measures. 

The downpour was not limited to the Expo area, as Deira, Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, and Al Soora also experienced varying rainfall intensities.

Impact on Traffic and Regional Observations:

Videos from the Storm Centre depicted the chaos caused by heavy rainfall, showcasing stranded cars amidst traffic disruptions. 

Dr. Habib emphasized that multiple emirates, including Sharjah, experienced heavy rainfall, contributing to an unusual weather event.

The National Centre of Meteorology predicts shifts in wind patterns in the coming days, with speeds ranging from 15 to 40 km/hr, potentially causing blowing dust and sand. 

Convective cloud formation is expected to persist in coastal, Northern, and Eastern areas, contributing to sporadic rainfall.

Cloud-Seeding Impact and Natural Weather Dynamics:

Dr. Habib highlighted the ongoing cloud-seeding missions as contributing to precipitation enhancement. However, he emphasized that natural weather patterns are crucial in determining rainfall intensity. 

The cumulative effect of cloud seeding and existing weather conditions has resulted in the substantial rainfall observed across the country.

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