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Unexpected Showers Prompt Unusual Umbrella Use in the UAE

Filipino expats in Sharjah, such as Angelina, are accustomed to carrying umbrellas for shade or out of habit.

Shamil Rizzat, a Uzbekistani national, usually reserves his umbrella for the sun, yet an unforeseen rainstorm in Deira prompted its rare use. 

Kept aside for months, the umbrella found its purpose after unexpected showers surprised the seven emirates.

Umbrella as a Cultural Accessory:

Filipino expats like Angelina in Sharjah habitually carry umbrellas, accustomed to using them for shade or out of ingrained practice. 

The unexpected rain rekindled the use of forgotten umbrellas, adding a touch of nostalgia to their functionality.

Preparing for an annual trip to Mangalore, India, Zeeshan Hamid brought umbrellas as gifts for family members, a common practice in a region accustomed to extended rainy seasons. Unexpectedly, he used one in Dubai due to the unanticipated rainfall.

Weather Shifts and Records:

The recent pleasant weather in the UAE took an unexpected turn as the National Centre of Meteorology predicted rain and noted the season’s lowest temperatures in various areas, dipping below 10ºC in Al Ain and reaching 13ºC in places like Dubai’s Al Marmoom and Lahbab.

Anticipated Weather Changes:

Forecasting a slight ease in the weather with persisting partly cloudy conditions, the country braces for potential showers, marking an unusual yet memorable event in a region where rain is infrequent.

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