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Unexpected Expenses and Luxuries Made Easy with Instalments

When it comes to handling unexpected bills or indulging in exceptional luxuries, residents in the UAE have a distinct advantage.

Living in the UAE offers residents a unique advantage when navigating unexpected expenses or indulging in special luxuries. 

The concept of buy-now-pay-later has expanded beyond major purchases, encompassing various services and bills that can be settled through convenient installment plans, often at zero percent interest.

1. Flight Tickets: 

Major UAE airlines, including Emirates, Flydubai, and Etihad Airways, have collaborated with banks to provide customers with flexible payment options for flight tickets. 

Travelers can split their airfare expenses into manageable installments, ranging from three to six months, offering financial relief for emergency trips and planned vacations. 

Additionally, certain travel agencies extend these payment plans to cover comprehensive holiday packages.

2. Traffic Fines:

Traffic fines, often unforeseen expenses, need not disrupt monthly budgets. 

Authorities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi allow residents to convert fines into installments, with durations spanning three, six, or even 12 months, depending on the specific arrangements with their banks. 

This approach ensures that penalties, which may vary in magnitude, become more manageable for individuals, aligning with their financial capacities.

3. School Fees: 

Parents in the UAE can leverage installment plans to ease the financial burden of school fees. 

While schools typically offer monthly payment options, utilizing credit cards and taking advantage of banks’ monthly payment schemes at zero interest can be a practical and rewarding strategy. 

This approach allows parents to benefit from school discounts for upfront payments while enjoying the flexibility of monthly installments.

4. Car Insurance: 

Car insurance costs, often perceived as an annual lump sum, can now be distributed into monthly payments. 

Insurance providers, such as RSA Insurance, collaborate with banks to offer interest-free installment plans spanning three to six months. 

Some insurers also partner with alternative payment gateways, enhancing flexibility for clients and accommodating varying financial preferences.

5. Utility Bills: 

In the UAE, utility bill payments need not strain monthly budgets. 

Dewa (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and utilities in Abu Dhabi offer customers the option to settle bills through zero-percent installment plans using specified credit cards. 

This initiative extends financial flexibility, allowing residents to navigate unforeseen expenses without compromising essential services.

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