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Understanding the Guarantee Affidavit Requirement for Visiting Filipinos in UAE

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Navigating the New Travel Protocols for Filipino Visitors

Introduction: In a move to safeguard the welfare of its citizens abroad, the Philippines has implemented a new travel regulation for its nationals visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This regulation mandates Filipino travelers to present a Guarantee Affidavit before their arrival in the UAE, a policy that has sparked questions and discussions among both the Filipino community and UAE residents.

The Guarantee Affidavit Explained: The Guarantee Affidavit is a document issued by the Philippine Consulate or Embassy. It serves as a declaration from a UAE-based Filipino sponsor, guaranteeing responsibility for the visiting Filipino during their stay. This policy aims to protect visitors from potential exploitation and to ensure their safety and well-being in the UAE.

Why the Affidavit is Necessary: The affidavit requirement comes amid rising concerns about the vulnerabilities of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and visitors. The Philippines government seeks to ensure that its citizens are traveling under safe circumstances and that their rights and welfare are protected while abroad.

Who Needs to Provide the Affidavit: This requirement applies to all visiting Filipinos who do not possess a valid UAE residence visa. Those visiting family members who are UAE residents must obtain this affidavit from their relatives, while tourists need to secure it from their UAE-based sponsors or hosts.

Procedure for Obtaining the Affidavit: To acquire the Guarantee Affidavit, the UAE-based Filipino sponsor must visit the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in person. The sponsor needs to present valid identification and proof of residence status in the UAE, along with information about the visiting Filipino.

The Impact on Travel Plans: This policy has significant implications for Filipinos planning to visit the UAE. It necessitates additional preparation and coordination with their UAE-based contacts. Travelers are advised to start the process well in advance to avoid any disruptions to their travel plans.

Conclusion: The introduction of the Guarantee Affidavit requirement is a proactive step by the Philippines government to ensure the safety of its citizens traveling abroad. While it adds an extra layer of procedure for visiting Filipinos, it reinforces the commitment to their welfare and protection in foreign lands.

Most importantly, this policy reflects the Philippines’ dedication to safeguarding its citizens globally. Therefore, Filipino travelers and their UAE-based sponsors should understand and comply with this requirement to ensure a smooth and secure travel experience. Besides that, it strengthens the ties between the Philippines and the UAE, reinforcing their collaborative efforts in protecting the rights and welfare of Filipinos overseas.

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