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Understanding Dubai rent law: amenities in rented apartments

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Can the tenant logde a complaint against the landlord with the Dubai Rental Dispute Centre?


In the vibrant Emirate of Dubai, the inclusion of amenities within a rented apartment’s building is a common practice. Tenants often enjoy access to various facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, health clubs, and parking spaces. 

What’s crucial to know is that, under Dubai Rent Law, these amenities are typically considered part of the rent package. However, additional charges for their use can apply, provided there’s a mutual agreement between the tenant and landlord.

Article 11: The Legal Foundation 

The cornerstone of this practice is Article 11 of the Dubai Rent Law. This article explicitly outlines the relationship between tenants and amenities.

It states that unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise, the rent covers the use of all real property facilities. These facilities encompass not only the aforementioned amenities but also other conveniences within the building.

Tenant Rights and Obligations 

For existing tenants, this provision offers substantial protection. If you’re already a tenant and these amenity-related charges were not part of your initial agreement, your landlord is generally prohibited from introducing additional fees. 

This provision ensures that your rights as a tenant are safeguarded and that you are not subjected to unexpected and unwarranted charges for amenities that were previously included in your rent.

Addressing Disputes 

If your landlord insists on imposing additional charges for amenities that were not initially part of your rental agreement, you have recourse. 

You have the right to inform your landlord that Dubai Rent Law restricts them from introducing such additional fees. If your landlord remains uncooperative, you can take the matter further by filing a formal complaint against the landlord with the Dubai Rental Dispute Centre.


Understanding your rights as a tenant and the protections afforded by Dubai Rent Law is vital when renting in the Emirate of Dubai. Remember that the law generally prohibits landlords from introducing extra charges for amenities that were originally included in your rent. 

If you find yourself facing such a situation, you can assert your rights and seek resolution through appropriate legal channels. This knowledge empowers tenants to enjoy a fair and transparent rental experience in this dynamic city.

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