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UN Security Council Approves Resolution for Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution to increase humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

The United Nations Security Council on Friday agreed on a resolution aimed at boosting humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip amid the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

Following intense negotiations and vote delays, the resolution, drafted by the UAE, received support from most council members, including the United States, which abstained.

US Abstains to Avoid Veto:

To avoid a US veto, the resolution no longer dilutes Israel’s control over aid deliveries to Gaza. Despite abstaining, the United States traditionally shields Israel from UN action, emphasizing its support for humanitarian pauses instead of a ceasefire, which it believes would benefit Hamas.

Call for Urgent Humanitarian Access:

The adopted resolution calls for urgent steps to allow safe, unhindered, and expanded humanitarian access to Gaza and emphasizes the need to create conditions for a sustainable cessation of hostilities. The initial draft had called for an “urgent and sustainable cessation of hostilities.”

Negotiations involved compromises on establishing a mechanism to monitor aid from countries not involved in the conflict.

Instead of having UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres establish the mechanism in Gaza, a compromise was reached to appoint a senior humanitarian and reconstruction coordinator. 

This coordinator will facilitate, coordinate, monitor, and verify the humanitarian nature of aid to Gaza.

Warnings of Humanitarian Catastrophe:

The war between Israel and Hamas has led to a worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, with UN officials warning of a catastrophe. 

The World Food Programme reports that half of Gaza’s population is starving, and only 10% of the required food has entered the region. The Security Council resolution aims to address these urgent humanitarian needs.

International Calls for Ceasefire:

Despite the Security Council’s resolution earlier this month, the UN General Assembly had called for a humanitarian ceasefire. 

The United States had vetoed a similar resolution in the Security Council. 

The international community remains concerned about the impact of the conflict on civilians in Gaza and urges adherence to international humanitarian law.

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