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UN Aid Agency Expresses Concern Over Usability of Gaza Aid

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) has expressed worry regarding the feasibility of some aid being delivered to Gaza.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) has raised concerns about the practicality of some aid being delivered to Gaza. 

They have noted that certain food items, like lentils and rice, while generously donated, pose difficulties for Gaza residents due to the scarcity of fresh water and fuel required for cooking.

Reduced Aid Deliveries in Times of Conflict:

UNRWA spokesperson Tamira Alrifai highlighted the significant drop in aid deliveries to Gaza compared to periods of relative peace. 

In recent days, only 54 aid trucks have entered Gaza, starkly contrasting the typical 500-plus daily deliveries of both aid and commercial goods.

Water and Fuel Constraints Affect Usability”

Alrifai emphasized that while donations of rice and lentils are well-intended, the practicality of these supplies is hindered by the essential need for water and gas for cooking. 

These resources are becoming increasingly scarce in the region, making such aid less usable.

Appreciation for Generous Donations:

Alrifai appreciated the spontaneous and generous donations from various countries, particularly Arab nations, which were flown into Egypt for delivery to Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

She called for improved coordination between humanitarian groups, including the Egyptian Red Crescent, and emphasized the need for clear guidance regarding aid deliveries. 

It was noted that closer cooperation with UN agencies and colleagues is essential.

Long Road Ahead for Adequate Aid Delivery:

Alrifai acknowledged that UN negotiators are still far from achieving the ability to provide the full scope of aid needed in Gaza, signifying the significant challenges that lie ahead in addressing the humanitarian crisis.

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