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Umbrella Solution to Beat the Summer Heat Unveiled by Canadian Company

UmbraCity, an umbrella rental company, plans to implement this programme across the Middle East, beginning with Dubai.

A Canadian company is gearing up to introduce a revolutionary solution to provide relief from the scorching summer sun. 

This inventive approach involves specially designed umbrellas strategically placed in public locations across the city, allowing residents to use them free of cost for a specified period and stay cooler in the oppressive heat.

UmbraCity’s Mission:

UmbraCity, an umbrella rental company, is poised to launch this initiative, commencing with Dubai in the Middle East. 

The founder of UmbraCity, Amir Entezari, is enthusiastic about the potential of this service to combat extreme heat.

The idea for this initiative was inspired by feedback from friends in Dubai who suggested that rental umbrellas could be a fantastic solution for staying cool in the city’s climate.

Dubai’s ongoing efforts to enhance walkways and mobility made it an ideal market to introduce this concept.

A Saving Grace:

Amir emphasized that people often resort to makeshift solutions like using newspapers or jackets for shade. UmbraCity’s umbrellas are intended to be a welcome relief for individuals seeking respite from the heat.

In Canada, umbrella kiosks are already a familiar sight in offices, malls, and transit stations. They are provided for public use during both summer and rainy seasons.

Eco-Friendly and Cooling Umbrellas:

UmbraCity’s umbrellas are eco-friendly and constructed from recycled and sustainable materials, making them environmentally responsible. 

These custom-designed umbrellas are not only stylish but also engineered to reduce temperatures and offer UV protection. Users can experience temperature reductions of up to 6 degrees beneath them.

Smart Umbrellas with Tracking:

These advanced umbrellas come equipped with smart chips that serve multiple functions. 

The chips unlock the umbrella at the kiosk and track the duration of usage, as well as user details linked to a dedicated app.

Users can conveniently register for an account at a kiosk or through the dedicated app. 

Following registration, they can access an umbrella through the app or kiosk. Initially, the first 24 hours of usage are free, after which a nominal fee applies.

Payment Convenience:

To ensure the return of umbrellas, users are required to save a credit or debit card in the app wallet. 

This allows for easy deduction of fees if the umbrellas are not returned within the specified time frame.

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