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Ukraine’s dual focus: climate action amidst conflict

The senior environment officer says Kyiv wants to concentrate on 'green recovery' at talks in Dubai.

The senior environment officer says Kyiv wants to concentrate on ‘green recovery’ at talks in Dubai.

A Resilient Commitment Amidst Adversity

Amidst the ongoing conflict with Russia, Ukraine is resolutely addressing global climate concerns. Victoria Kyreieva, the deputy minister of environmental protection, highlighted that despite facing continuous hostilities, Ukraine’s delegation arrived at Cop28 with a clear intent: to showcase the nation’s resolve in dealing with environmental challenges while handling the crisis.

Prioritizing Green Recovery

In the face of daily confrontations, Ukrainian officials are steadfast in their commitment to prioritize the country’s “green recovery” agenda at the summit. Despite the pressing need to address the ongoing conflict, they emphasize the urgency of planning for an environmentally sustainable future.

Balancing Objectives

While the primary goal remains securing victory and ending the conflict, Kyreieva stressed the necessity of concurrently strategizing for a sustainable, environmentally focused recovery. 

By participating in Cop28, Ukraine aims to underline its commitment to addressing global climate challenges while navigating its domestic turmoil.

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